J2seriesust when you think things might be looking up, when events start shaping up, you get the rug pulled out from underneath you. Such has been the case with events for all of 2020.

To date, the following usual summer and fall BMW-related  events are cancelled:

There will be a Third-Quarter virtual Board meeting on Sunday, 2 August 2020. If you wish to attend virtually, click the link for the event's page from under the left-side Upcoming Events.

We are trying to plan for a Shine N Show event for either September or October, but cannot finalize details yet.

We also have a tentative brewery visit planned, again, contingent upon the upcoming months and the host site.

Keep checking the calendar for changes and updates to 2020 events.

Meanwhile, the following events have been rescheduled into 2021:

So let's look forward to better times and new adventures in the upcoming months and year.

And, as always, keep the shiny side up and stay safe!