By September's end, our driving events for 2018 will be over.germancar1

Looking to the future, we'll work at teaching new drivers how to handle their responsibilities and their vehicles at another Tire Rack™ Street Survival school at the begining of Ocotober.

Behind the scenes, the records of the Chapter are being organized and scanned. Operational information will become available to the Board via electronic storage by the year's end.  An appropriate archive for inactive print materials is being sought and should be found by that time as well.

We have access to the web site template; transfer of pictures and information shall commence in October.  Rollout of the new site for members is expected in early 2019.

The year-end transition will include a  go-karting "trial run" and plans to visit the March 2019 Cleveland Auto Show.  Expect the unexpected in 2019 from the Chapter, because you never know where the road will take you.